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Into Everything

Title: Into Everything
Rating: T to M
Pairings or Characters: Kyouya, Kaoru, Tamaki, Hikaru, Mori, Hunny, Haruhi; as the story progresses I will update this area with who's with who (It will eventually be a Kyouya/Kaoru pairing)
Summary: Hikaru and me have always been together. We're inseparable. Or, at least, we thought we were until the Host Club got in the way. Then a commoner came along and took my brother from me. So where am I left? Well, I'm in complete and total denial of being in love with the darkest character in the whole school, Ootori Kyouya. Worst part is, he's completely oblivious to me.
What it Means: Italics - thoughts or a flashback; Italics with these ' ' around it are the twins telepathic talks
Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran High School Host club, just the idea of this plot. Did I mention it's an AU?
Warnings: Blood, curse words, a battle. Nothing else in this chapter

"Kaoru? Kaoru... Kaoru get up!" Hikaru grumbled as he poked me in the gut, his finger hot on my opposite degreed skin. Shaking my head I rolled over, stuffing my face in the pillows we shared. "Kaoru! I swear, if you don't get up I'm going to burn your skinny little ass."

I could feel it. The flames that danced in my brother's strong hands. It neared my cool body, now colder without his hundred degreed skin. I felt like I was melting, a watery-feel snaking across my back. It was refreshing. Though the closer he got, the hotter it became. The watery-feel went away. My back felt bare against the flame.

To close.... TO CLOSE!

Hot to cool. Flame to ice. It was a truly wonderful combination. Just like me... and Hikaru.

Water dripped onto the bed, the ice that froze over my hand thinning rapidly as it sucked out my brother's fire until it disbursed, our hands connected in a dry embrace.

"Kaoru! You got the bed wet," he complained as he slipped out from the blankets and onto the floor, stretching his slim form from tip-toes.

"Sorry Hikaru." Even though I wanted to blame him - I mean he could of just left me alone for, oh I don't know, an hour - I just couldn't bring myself to hate him. I guess that's why people called me the peaceful twin. Untangling my legs I slipped to my brother's side, our bodies mirror images as our limbs stretched.

Releasing our muscles at the same time we headed toward our walk in closet, ignoring the designer clothes to pick out our school uniform.

"Today's our first day at Ouran," I muttered as we pulled our black pants up, locking our belts into place.


"As if." We slipped and button up the white dress shirt.

"You sure?" Hikaru pressed.

"As long as I'm with you, I have nothing to fear." 'Why are you asking?'

Slipping on the lavender blue-ish coat he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before tilting his head slightly toward me. 'Don't know. Just checking.' His fingers fumbled with a button.

'You don't have to worry about me.' Grabbing our shoes we headed out of the dressing room and toward our bed, sitting on the plush edge of the mattress.

He sighed. 'I know. I just can't help it. Second nature,' he defended. Eyebrow twitching slim fingers harshly pulled down his laces as he tied. Turning my head toward him my face was etched with concern. 'Damn bastards,' I could sense from his harsh movements. 'They just had to place us in different classes.' I nudged his shoulder.

'Not all our classes are different.' I figured out long ago that trying to cool Hikaru was like trying to stop a volcano from overflowing after an eruption. You just had to wait for it to stop spewing and hard over. I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively. 'Besides, it will give us a chance to meet new people...'

He grinned. 'You mean new toys.' My lips reflected his. Standing up Hikaru turned toward me, his face set with determination, his grin making it unreal. "Then let's make it a competition. Who ever finds the best toy wins."

"And the prize?"

"Hmmm..." Pushing off the bed I watched Hikaru rub his chin thoughtfully as he strolled over toward our window, peeking down at the backyard. I slowly inched toward him. Snapping his fingers I started, Hikaru suddenly whipping around, our faces barely inches apart.

"The person who wins," he breathed into my face, our excited breaths slowly forming together, creating an odd cold humid environment between our faces, "gets to decide our fashion logo."

Stepping back our amber eyes flashed. Sticking my hand out we shook.

"Deal, Business Partner-san."


"The private Ouran Institute is an elegant institution for the supernaturally talented humans. This unique ultra-upper-crust high school was built to accept only the wealthy well-off SnTs (Supernatural Talented) beings and not only breed them into self-control of their powers but also help them run and reside in the world without any suspicions from NmHs (Non-magical Humans)," Hikaru read as we walked, each one of us holding an edge of the school's newspaper as we entered through the front gates, oblivious to the people walking all around us.

"They make it sound like we're dogs," my twin spat.

"Ouran also helps to expand your knowledge on your people's own elements and mental abilities with it's open institution and diversity. As well as many different courses to choose from Ouran High School has many extracurricular activities you can participate in for school credits as well as a wide assortment of clubs that Ouran students have participated in for years," I finished for my brother before he flipped the page, the paper crinkling out of his anger. I hope he doesn't burn it, I thought with a sigh as I straighten the sheet out.

"Ouran Host Club?" we exclaimed, stopping in slight surprise as the bold black cursive letters smacked us in the face, making our brains spin in confused interest.

"Like a stripper-"

"-Don't forget seductive-"

"-Host club type of club?" I finished. Turning back toward the paper I read aloud:

"Ouran High School Host Club is an extravagant club filled with four beautiful boys who have too much free time on there hands, hosting girls who have equally as much free time. The club was founded a year ago by none other then Souh Tamaki-san, the president, and Ootori Kyouya-san, the vice-president. The club was established to bring happiness to the young hearts of Ouran's female population."

"What about the males huh?"

"What do you mean?" Taking my eyes off the paper I tilted my head towards Hikaru. "It's a club filled with only guys, in case you didn't hear me read."

"Oh I heard you all right. That doesn't mean though that they can't have some female hosts to host the lonely troubled hearts of the male population. Sexist if you ask me." He did have a point.  

"Ouran Host Club presents four different hosts to fill your hearts content with. The King type, who no other then Souh-san holds. The Cool type, forever held by the lovely Ootori-san. Haninozuka-san who is the ever adorable Loli-Shota type. His cousin, Morinozuka-san, is the mysterious Wild type."

"You would be thinking that there would be more hosts to entertain the ladies," I said thoughtfully as we stopped under an archway, huddling together near the paper.

"Che! Who would want to host a bunch of ratty girls? They're probably all crazy fan girls who fight tooth and nail about who gets Souh-san's hair lock or Ootori-san's pencil."

"Good point."

"When don't I have one?" He wiggled his eyebrows. Smiling I turned back toward the paper, finishing with:

"The host club is open after school for an hour and an half. So come on in at any time between then for some fun and companionship. So as the host club says: Irasshaimasu!" On the bottom of the article it said 'This is an 411 by Houshakuji Renge-chan, the Host Club's manager'.

Below that was a picture that took up the second half of the page with the host members on it.

"That must be Houshakuji-san," Hikaru muttered as he pointed out the only female on it. "Strange. A female manager but no female hosts."

She had straight light brown hair with a pink bow tied in her hair, the yellow dress that symbolized the girl's uniform on. "Average looking," I muttered. Her eyes were focused though, a spark shining through the picture.

"She kind of gives me the creeps," Hikaru muttered, shivering slightly.

In front of her was a small boy, his dirty yellow hair resting neatly in front of his forehead. In his arms was a stuffed pink bunny rabbit, an content smile sewed for a mouth, an equally wide and happy smile on his owner's face. "Who do you think that is?" Hikaru questioned.

"Well, a loli-shota is a boy who looks younger then he is right? So he's probably Haninozuka-san," I stated.

Behind both of them was the tallest member, no smile what so ever on his face as he towered over the female and male before him, his arms crossed casually over his chest, short hair muzzled up slightly. "That has to be Morinozuka-san," Hikaru stated.

"How'd you get that conclusion?"

"Well, if we were in a picture with anyone we would still stand next to each other because we're siblings. Cousins would do the same, right?"

"Even so..." I said skeptically. Looking back down I pointed to the other blonde. "I mean, this guy could be his cousin too. He has blonde hair like Haninozuka-san."

Looking down at the male he had his right hand held up in a princely gesture, a warm smile stretched across his lips and shining in his violet eyes. "Or maybe not." Looking at each other we stated, "Souh-san."

His left arm was slung over the last male's shoulders. "So that tall guy has to be Morinozuka-san because this guy here has to be Ootori-san. I mean, he looks..."

For some reason the world seemed to get smaller, as if we were being vacuumed packed into some plastic bag. I felt a little suffocated, hot, as I stared down at the light skinned male. His black hair was styled neatly, a few strands sweeping perfectly over his forehead and toward the right. He was skinny, lean. Not like the others weren't, but for some reason the thought only truly processed as I stared at him. He wore thin rimmed glasses over a straight nose, charcoal eyes - gosh were they as dark as his hair - stared through the picture at me. A fake smile adored his lips, but heck, who cared! His perfection made up for that tiny flaw.

Strange though. I never felt this way for a guy. Must be because he gives off a slight powerful, dominating aura. Even through a damn picture! That must be it. His aura just makes you pause in an disorder wreck as you take him in.

"...don't you agree, Kaoru?" Snapping out of my daze I nodded absentmindedly at Hikaru, who smiled back in satisfaction.

Suddenly the paper was out of my hands and went up in flames. Looking at my brother in disbelief I shouted, "I wasn't even done reading that!"

Looking at me in as much disbelief as I was him he replied, "It's garbage Kaoru. We Hitachiin Twins don't waste our time on garbage. Garbage is boring. Come on. We have more important things to focus on, like who's going to win our little competition."

He was right. I had to find the best toy. Nodding my head we both set off toward class 1-A. Though in the back of my mind I had decided to get another newspaper to read in one of the classes I didn't have with Hikaru.


Now in math class I drummed my fingers on the desk top, my cheek leaning into the palm of my other hand, Hikaru mirroring my actions a person-in-the-middle away. We were both placed on either side of this Fujioka Haruhi-san guy. He was boring.

"Hey," we both said, bright smiles pulling at our lips as we stared down at our unexpected prey, the boy staring back up at us with big honey-brown eyes. "What's your name?"

"Fujioka Haruhi," he stated simply before turning back toward his book. It was already an half hour into homeroom, maybe more, the rules already read through and enforced. Looking at each other we unhooked our shoulder wrap to just replace it on the now irritated boy.

"Come now-" Hikaru purred into his left ear.

"-don't be some mean," I finished in his right ear.

"Could you please not do that," Fujioka-san stated, shrugging off our arms. "I prefer personal space, thank you very much." Looking at each other amusedly we scooted to the front of his desk, leaning forward on our elbows as we stuffed our faces right into his.

"Personal space you say," we chimed. Eyebrow twitching Fujioka-san leaned away from us, angling his head down and returned reading whatever book he was reading before, completely ignoring us.

Blinking at each other we moved back. "Not even a remark back," I whispered into my brother's ear.

"How boring," Hikaru muttered back.

How boring indeed. Looking back down at my notebook an idea popped into my head. Tearing a piece of paper out of it I quickly folded it into a paper airplane. Positioning it on nimble fingers I aimed it at Fujioka-san's head and released.

Glaring at me the target picked up the airplane and crumpled it, placing it at the edge of his desk to be thrown away later in the class. Barely holding in my laughter as Hikaru shoot a paper plane at the other side of his head Fujioka-san turned his glare onto him, doing the same to his airplane as he did to mine. "Stop it," he hissed, his voice loud enough to address the both of us.

Looking at each other we both simultaneously tore a paper out of our notebooks, created an airplane, and released them onto our irritate target.

Eyebrow twitching he grabbed both airplanes and crumpled them both together in a ball. Grabbing one of the previously made balls he threw it at Hikaru, who promptly shut up after getting hit smack dab in the middle of his face. Turning toward me, arm raised to shoot the teacher said,

"Fujioka-san, after class I expect you to not only clean these floors but to tell me why you find it necessary to throw paper balls at other classmates." Dropping the ball in shock Fujioka-san quickly tried to explain,

"But Yamoto-sensei I didn-"

"No buts! Now promptly shut up and stop your playing unless you want a one way trip to the principles office Scholarship-kun," he bit back before turning toward the whiteboard, continuing on with the lesson. Snickering we both got a glare from Fujioka-san before he turned back toward his own notebook to quickly scribble down the notes.

Sharing similar looks I tilted my head. 'So who wins?'

Shrugging his shoulders Hikaru pointed to himself first then me. 'Both of us I guess. So the competition is disband.'

Blinking my eyes I nodded, smirking. 'Doesn't matter. Our new toy is so worth it.'


Staring at each other I nodded my head before turning, leaving Hikaru by himself in the crowded hallway. Okay, so we only had three classes together, three classes separate, and one study hall together. It wasn't that bad. Not really.

So heading outside I squinted against the bright sun. The Transgression Elite class composed of the best SnTs of the high school level. There were only two classes for the TE's this year. It's a class composed of lessons on kinship, individual specialties, and learning to better control your power with practice battles between your peers. It skipped the formalities of learning to use and adopt with the fact that you had a power. Transgression Minor taught that.

Staring up at the oak doors of the large building I sighed. I still wish Hikaru had this class with me.

"Are you going to go in?" Turning around I came face to face with Fujioka-san, the shorter male holding his binder close to his chest. Blinking he motioned toward the door. "Are you?"

Snapping out of my daze I nodded my head. "Yeah. Sorry." Opening the door we stepped into a long whining hallway, oak doors lining all sides of the area. "Where are we supposed to go?"

Turning back toward Fujioka-san the other male was looking down at his schedule. "Probably to that last door," he muttered, pointing ahead. "It matches the number." Showing me the schedule I nodded my head, both of us moving slowly down the hallway.

"What do you think are behind these doors?"

"Probably training rooms," Fujioka-san answered.

Opening the last door, the metal scrapping against the floor, we stepped into a large area. It was as wide as half my mansion. Staring up I could barely see the top of the building. Focusing forward a rock platform took up the majority of the space, handholds that were craved into the rock the only way to get atop. Now that I noticed it the floor was dirt as well. About ten feet away on all four sides on the platform were three-step-tall bleachers, six lining each side. There was a yellow line painted all around halfway between the bleachers and the rock platform. In front of each bleacher was a TV screen resting on a table, the cords disappearing into the ground.

"Those must transmit the battles that happen atop that platform," Fujioka-san muttered. All of a sudden the ground shook, making me and my male companion spread our legs to catch our balance so we didn't fall. The platform slowly sunk into the ground, the rock disappearing from sight as it blended into the dirt. All that was left was a four foot platform now. All around - now that I could see all around - people were waiting, staring at the now shorter rock.

"Oh yeah, which twin are you?" Fujioka-san questioned.

Turning back toward him I muttered, "Kaoru." Nodding his head he headed off toward the right. Quickly following we sat down at the only empty bleacher.

"I want you to know that I didn't tell the teacher that it was you and..."

"Hikaru," I chimed in.

"...Hikaru that started the fight."

"You didn't have to do that," I muttered. "We're used to getting in trouble."

"Even so," Fujioka-san stated, "I didn't think it would have been right to snitch on both of you."

Pressing my lips together we stared at each other. "I guess we owe you."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Doesn't matter," was all he supplied.

Ears twitching we both looked toward the door we entered through - I mean we sat like eight feet away from it - as it slammed against the rock wall. In stepped a blonde, who looked about six feet tall, his hand running through his hair slowly. Suddenly flipping it a few girls on the other side of the door cooed, dreamy eyes boring into the male's side. It was the president of the host club...

"Souh-san," I whispered. Inquiring eyes looked at me.

"You know him?"

Laughing nervously I shook my head. "No. Not personally. Me and Hikaru read about the Host Club in the school newspaper earlier today." Blinking his eyes Fujioka-san opened his binder, pulling out a folded copy of the newspaper.

"Can you show me?" Bending down I turned to the fourth page in. Holding one side as he held the other I found my eyes looking down at the picture again. To be exact I was looking at Ootori-san. It's just his aura, I told myself. Just his aura.

"Neh, Tama-chan, where are we going to sit?" Looking up we both noticed that by Souh-san's side was the tall form of Morinozuka-san, Haninozuka-san resting a top of his shoulders, bunny rabbit held atop the shorter male's shoulders. Looking around the King type trained his eyes onto us.

Quickly folding up the newspaper Fujioka-san tucked it back into his binder. "Great," I found myself sighing. "They're going to sit with us."  

Striding up to us Souh-san bowed before saying, "Ahhh, young men, may me and my companions be graced by your presence?" Was this guy serious.

Barely containing the eye twitch that was coming I muttered, "Why would we want someone as superficial as you with us?" Hearing me Souh-san gasped.

"How rude," he huffed. "Not only am I not superficial but I was only trying to be polite. How unbefitting of a gentlemen to accuse another of lies."

Holding up his hands Fujioka-san quickly put in, "Please excuse my friend here. He's a bit angered at the fact that his brother isn't here with him." Well, it wasn't a lie, but how did he figure that out?

Face relaxing Souh-san nodded sympathetically toward me. "Oh how tragic. The bond of brothers to be torn by being placed in opposite classes." Eye twitching now I was about to retort with a 'tragic' episode of my own when another irrupted me.

"Tamaki, stop meddling. If you really want a tragedy continue talking and we might find your body in a ditch a month later." His voice was cool, precise, and deep... dark. Looking up my eyes connected with the charcoal ones of Ootori-san. I froze, my breath stuck in my throat as the world was once more vacuumed into that damn plastic bag. Shifting his eyes he looked over at the blonde.

"What do you mea-" Finally clicking the male backed up. "He wouldn't!" Snapping out of it I glared at him with a 'try-me-and-we'll-see' look. Souh-san promptly shut his mouth as Ootori-san said, "Excuse us. We are terribly sorry for the troubles 'we' have caused."

"It's all right," Fujioka-san replied back. "And if you guys want you can sit here." Looking at him with disbelief he added, "Because there's so much space and we possibly can't take it all up by ourselves unless someone can multiply himself." Sighing I slipped down the bleacher to sit next to Fujioka-san. Stepping pass me cautiously Souh-san sat on the one behind us with Ootori-san, the cousins sitting on the one behind them.

"Ahhh, what a full class I have," a male to my right said. Jumping I practically landed in Fujioka-san's lap as a man in his late twenties sat at the edge of the bleachers. He had short chopped dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and a thin neatly trimmed golden goatee. The earrings in his left ear jingled as he turned toward me with a stern face.

"W-who are you?" I stuttered as I slipped away from Fujioka-san, muttering a 'Sorry' which was replied with a 'It's all right. He startled me too.'

"I am Hibari Yuki, but you may call me Hibari-sensei." Giving me a smile he pushed off the edge of the bleacher, gripping my arm and pulling me up. "Now if you would please."

"Wha-?" Being forcefully dragged off Hibari-sensei pushed me in front of him. "On top of the platform." Looking back at him I hopped onto the four foot platform. "Go toward the center."

"What are we doing?"

"No questions please," was his only reply as we both stopped in the center, everyone's eyes on the both of us.

"My name is Hibari Yuki, or Hibari-sensei to all of you. I am the lead teacher for the Transgression Elite class. We have six other sub teachers who will be introduced later on in the class." Looking around at all the inquiring eyes he continued,

"This class will not only test your physical strength but all so your sanity. Now instead of going off on rules and boring regulations I have decided to show you what is expected in this class with my accomplish Hitachiin Kaoru." Motioning toward me I blinked. Accomplish? And how the hell did he know my name!

But before I could even process anything the ground shifted under me as I felt something hard wrap around my leg. Looking down I attempted to jump back as a strand of rock wrapped around my ankle, but it tighten and lifted me up, the vein of rock traveling high above the platform. Then it spun....  

I could hear their laughter, their gasps of shock and their woos of fear. I couldn't focus on my embarrassment though since the power of vomiting over did any other emotion. Then it stopped as I went flying through the air with so much force that I felt what a bullet would feel when it's being released from a gun.

I barely registered the sound of rock raising, but I did feel it as I slammed into the barrier that appeared, making sure that I didn't land off the platform. Of course as I fell the thought of He just has to make sure that I stay in regardless of any broken bones caused in the process flashed through my mind before I landed just as hard onto the platform, pebbles of smash minerals snowing down on me. The rock barrier slowly sunk back into the platform, all traces of it disappearing.

Laying there sprawled like a broken doll I coughed. "Anywhere on this platform anything goes," I heard Hibari-sensei state to all in the room. "Obviously as my accomplish has shown you can't go flying over the platform because I will not allow that to happen. People who are not participating in the battle can not step over that yellow line" - he motioned offhandedly at it from what I could see by his shadow - "because a rock wall will appear as well. Safety precautions if you will."

I could hear his leisure footsteps as he headed toward me. "The battle will end only three ways. If one of the challengers states that they have given up, one of the challengers has passed out, or lastly if I see fit to end the battle because of the possibility of death." Death? Did he just say death!

Feeling his hand grip my hair my head was yanked up, his body kneeling next to me as he forced me to angle my eyes toward his. "Understood?" he whispered. Yanking me to my feet he pushed me back, my body stumbling away as the ground shifted.

Jumping back this time the vein flew passed and sunk back into the ground. Of course I didn't expect the fact that when I landed it could come out again, wrap my foot again and throw me a yard across. Unfortunately, it did. Pushing my body up I ran, multiple veins popping out of the ground as they raged after me, the ground they tore through laying restless to the side.

Blowing into my hands I let ice coat them before I rubbed them together, picturing in my mind a sharp, strong, thick sword made from it. Pulling my hands apart arms length the sword came to be as I added extra cold puffs to harden the shape. Sliding to a stop I turned around and charged toward the veins, chopping them down with my heavy sword.

"Oh?" Hibari-sensei muttered as he waved his hand, the veins disappearing into the ground, the one's that tried to tangle my arms in them broke apart. "And here I thought you had no power." Sticking his thumb and middle finger into his mouth he whistled.

The ground all around shook with a menacing growl. In front of Hibari-sensei - who was standing two or maybe more yards away from me - a giant paw smashed out of the ground, debris falling everywhere, followed by an equally humongous head of the enraged animal, another paw popping out on the other side of it's head to help pull it out of it's prison. As the rest of it's brown boulder made body came out the eight foot tall and ten foot long animal shook it's being, the boulders that it composed of shifting in wild circles before they stopped spinning when it stopped shaking.

I noted offhandedly that it had a collar on like a dog would. Hibari-sensei walked toward it's front left paw and petted it affectionately, causing the animal to wag it's tail. "I would like you to meet Chiko" - wait a minute, doesn't that mean arrow? - "who is the opponent you must defeat if you wish to get out of this arena. Unless, of course, you give up or pass out."

Hopping off the stage Hibari-sensei walked back toward the bleacher I sat on earlier, popping down right next to Fujioka-san who looked at him in bewilderment. "You may start," he called.

"W-wait a minute. I have to figh-" I never finished my sentence as Chiko jumped at me, the ground rippling as he leaped. Jumping back I cupped my hand over my mouth, blowing a shower of ice that pushed me back farther, and luckily out of Chiko's reach as the animal landed hard on the ground, his rock clawed feet digging unforgivably into the now icy area I was at.

Landing on the ground a few yards away Chiko lifted his head and howled, the menacing sound making my head pound. Looking back at me it's rock eyes stared blankly as they rolled in their sockets, looking in any direction it could to take in the situation. Focusing back on me his ears pressed against his head, a snarl erupting from his muzzle before he pushed off the ground, running at me full force, each step down the platform shook and tore from his weight.

Dropping down onto one knee I blew through my cupped hand, the icy breath freezing the ground before me, the thin path snaking easily under Chiko and beyond as his wide legs lined it. Then I lepted, sliding easily across my path. Turning my body sideways as I slide under the bewildered dog I swung my sword, the sharp edge of my blade cutting a third into Chiko's back left leg. Howling in pain as it sliced all the way through my blade wedged into the last bit of his ankle. Letting go I continued to slide under him as Chiko skidded to a stop, shaking his head back and forth in pain.

Curling my body up I crashed into the rock barrier, the rock slipping back down as I shook out of my slight daze. Chiko on the other hand was trying to turn around, but the dog noticed that to much weight on his left hind leg caused it to wither away with the rubbing pressure of leg to foot. As I watched him turn all the way around I saw the small pieces of my now broken weapon being crashed under his braking paw.

That's it, I found myself plotting as I cupped my hand over my mouth again. If I cut as much, or even more, through the other three legs he won't be able to walk anywhere unless he wants his paws to fall off. Smirking I gulped a big breath, blowing out hard and long, the ice creeping all around the arena. And if they all fall off then I can go in for the kill at his neck. He's made of rock anyways, so I think this should count as knocking him out.

Looking at my handy-work I smirked. Just like an ice rink. Standing up I easily walked forward, making it look like I was still walking on the rock platform instead of the icy one it was turned into. Growling Chiko tried to jump at me, but his paws slipped and the big lub fell, his body landing harshly onto the ice as he skidded forward, whimpering in pain as the unsmooth surface cut into his under belly.

Chuckling I pushed forward, starting off at a slow skate as I headed toward the clumsy animal. "You're on my turf now, dog!" Howling angrily Chiko snapped out blindly in front of himself, trying to scare me off. Pushing forward I picked up speed as I charged at the dog, the ice rippling with his deep set growl.

Snapping out at me I pushed off toward the side, another sword quickly forming in my hand as I swept it across Chiko's eye. The animal rolled over, his front paw sweeping out wildly as he cowered in pain.

"Ooof!" Being smacked right in the chest his claws sliced through my shirt and down my pants as I was pushed back, my back slamming into the barrier, in-caving it from the force. Falling forward I landed on my stomach, the blood that came from the four thin lines that dotted my body spoiled the once clean ice.

"Hitachiin-kun!" I heard Fujioka-san yell. Angling by body over I stared at him through red bangs. "Are you all right?" He looked seriously worried. If I wasn't in this sort of position I would have laughed.

"Yeah..." I called back. Looking up I noticed that Chiko had rolled over onto his stomach again, his front left paw resting over his face as he clawed at his damaged eye. "This is my chance," I whispered. Pushing my aching body up I skated forward, blowing into my cupped hands before spreading them, my sword once again appearing.

I didn't expect this though...

Moving his paw his only good eye glowed evilly at me as he pushed his body forward, mouth open and tearing up anything in it's path as his bottum jaw ran over the ground. "Shit!" Trying to skid to a stop I tripped. "Damn it. My own ice the down fall of me," I whispered as he swallowed me up with ice and rock.

I love you Hikaru....

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