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How Do You Feel About Me?

Title: How Do You Feel About Me?

Pairing: TakashiXOC TamakiXHaru

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Adult ideas are mentioned...

Disclaimer: Ouran is not mine, it belongs to the amazingly wonderful Bisco Hatori.

Summary: You are a cute girl who has been friends with Haruhi in the past. You become close to one of the members of the Host Club.



"Justine...come on...we're almost there." Justine heard Haruhi say as she guides you to her new 'club' that she'd heard so much about. Justine just recently transferred into Ouran from Ourin public highschool. She's one of the richer kids that went to school there, but she tended to not show it off. She is one of the more down to earth rich kids that like to give back to society.

She knew Haruhi, because she was in middle school with her. She had just recently called her up to let her know what's going on in her life, and when Justine found out Haruhi was going to a rich kid school she knew she needed to transfer. Justine had always loved taking care of Haruhi, because she was a great girlfriend in junior high. She was one of the few who didn't judge her for being a rich kid, she didn't want to be rich. Justine didn't start out rich either. She lived in an apartment pretty close to Haruhi, and lived there up until junior high. She got her riches from a death in the family, her parents. They recieved the money from her grandparents deaths, so they were already rich by junior high.

 They had just recently died in a horrible plane crash, so all the wealth of her entire family laid on her shoulders. At that moment she went to Haruhi for help. Instead of saying anything like you have money take care of yourself like she was sure most of the others would do. Haruhi took her in and took care of her until she was able to live on her own. Justine even suggested giving half of her earnings to Haruhi, but she wouldn't hear of it. So, Justine got a house of her own and servants to help her take care of herself. Within time she didn't call Haruhi at all, until Haruhi called her.

With Haruhi's call this time she knew she had to transfer schools, Haruhi was having a great time at a RICH PEOPLE'S SCHOOL! She had to see what was happening.So, during lunch Haruhi suggested that Justine check out the awesome club that Haruhi'd been going to.

"Ok, just one question before we go in...why are you in a boys uniform?" Justine asked quietly.

"Trust me, that's not nearly the weirdest thing  you'll see here..." Haruhi answered and Justine was beginning to get worried on what her friend had gotten herself into.

As she stepped into the room she hears "Welcome" But the light from the windows makes it to bright to see, until her eyes ajust. When they do she sees the most incredible group of boys she's ever seen!

"So you've joined a male brothel Haruhi?" She asked glancing over at her friend and Tamaki dead-panned and all the boys mouth's dropped open.

Haruhi started cracking up and said, "No, it's not a brothel, it's close, but no...we don't do...sexual favors...we do more...mental favors...we please a woman's mental self. What she wants to hear we tell her."

Just then Justine falls over as her legs are attacked by Hunny as he says, "Tinie-chan!"

She falls flat on her face and says, "Hello Hunny-sempai." into the carpet. She picks herself up and says, "Now what did I tell you about snatching my legs out from under me?"

"Not to do it..." He says pouting lightly.

"You know Hunny?" Haruhi asks quietly.

"Oh, yeah. I recently moved in down the street from them. Plus, my dad and his dad were combat buddies...not that my dad could ever beat his dad...that's why they didn't become very close...but me and Hunny did. Right from the start. He taught me Karate and judo...well a little bit of know my balance..." Justine says and laughs softly after. Just then a large man with black hair comes over and picks Hunny up as he helps you up. You push away from him and say, "Um...excuse me...I don't believe I know you, and would perfer you not to..." Her mouth dried as she looked up into the eyes of Takashi Morinozuka. "You know Hunny?" Haruhi asks quietly.

"Um...Hi...sorry. I, I'm just not used to being grabbed by strangers...ask Hunny..."

"Ya! One time I tried to sneak up on her like I do with Takashi and she threw me over her shoulder onto the floor. Weapon of the world or not...sneak attacks hurt!"

Takashi smiled and put Hunny on his shoulders as Justine said, "Well you scared me! You started it!"

Takashi then said, "You should apologize for making her fall"

"Sorry for making you fall Tinie-chan"

"It's okay Hunny! I still love you!" Justine said as she put up 'i love you' in sign language. Hunny did it back and Mori smiled again.

"By the way, whats your name Hunny's friend."

"I'm Mori...Takashi Morinozuka."

"Any relations to the Honinozuka family?"

"Yes, we are cousins"

"Well it's good to meet a family relation of a slight friend to the family."

"I'm glad I met you too...miss..."

"Justine...or Tinie as Hunny said...I'm a little big to be considered tiny" She said referring to her size at her waist "But I like Tinie just the same."

"You are beautiful" Mori said quietly and she smiled brightly.

"Anyways" Kyoya cut in "The host club is about to start, so if you want to make a reservation, fine, if not, please leave...unless Haruhi wants us to put it on her tab."

"'ll pay for a table with Haruhi...if she likes it here the last thing I want is for her to be in debt again after that princess just paid it off!"

Haruhi smiled and then her and Haruhi took a table together. Haruhi then said, "I think that's the most I've heard Mori say since Hunny's fight with his younger brother. It was a bad one. And Mori was trying to explain why they were fighting, but...ya... I think his conversation just now with you was more than then."

Justine smiled and said, "Yea, I tend to make people talk like that."

Then Justine heard Hunny say to Mori, while no one was at their table, "So do you like my Tinie?"

She saw Mori nod out the corner of her eye

After that morning you were incredibly grateful to be able to come home and just relax, but the boy, Mori,from school kept running through your head. You finally decided to go over to Hunny's house and just hang out with him to find out as much as you could about this Mori character. Hunny never lies to me, he will tell me everything I need to know to make me stop being all goo goo all over some guy I don't know...You think to yourself as you walk over to the gates outside Hunny's house.
You ring the doorbell at the gate and the intercom crackled and said, "Haninozuka residence!"
You fall down from the loud intercom and say, "Hi, my name is Justine Fukinani, I'm friends with Mitsukuni Haninozuka...I'd like to..." and before you could finish your sentence the gate doors opened and Hunny launched at your face.
"I knew you couldn't stay away for long Tinie-chan! You've missed me too much from school is that it? Would you like to share some cake with me, usa-chan and Chika- chan?" Hunny asked as he finally climbed off of your face.
You smile and say, "You and that cake Hunny...I eat more than your gets creepy."
"That's what Chika says, but I think Cake is a cute thing, so the more I eat the cuter I am!"
You shake your head and say, "I'll join you, but only if you grant me a favor Hunny-sempai."
He nods and says, "Yea...I like Takashi." You blush deeply and think How could he know that? I didn't think it was that him he's wrong and maybe he'll just forget about it...but what about your questions you had about you're stuck. Hunny interupts your thoughts and says, "I won't tell him if you don't want me too, but what was it that you wanted?"
"I wanted to know more about him... I don't like falling for someone I know nothing about..." and just as you said that Mori turned the corner, looked at you, and walked back towards the corner he just came from. Your face started burning and you glared at Hunny.
"What, it's not my fault he was here today...he lives with me!"
"You could've told me that before now!"
Hunny started crying, "Takashi! Tinie is being mean to ME!!!"
Mori walked around the corner, his head hanging down to where Justine couldn't see his face. Hunny grabbed onto his leg and said, "Takashi!"
Justine smiled and said, "You are soo nice to deal with him when he's" This partshe directed at Hunny "Acting like a brat!" Hunny pouts up at you and you say, "You are a really great guy...may I call youTakashi?"
He finally looks up, his face lightly red, and nods slowly. She smiles and bites the corner of her lip as she says, "Takashi..."
"Yes Justine..."
Your name off of his lips made you blush even deeper than you were before. "I like you..." You whisper and then quickly look down, trying not to lock eyes with him. You can feel his eyes staring you down and you blush as he puts his finger under your chin to make you look at him.
"I like you too are different from most girls and don't treat Hunny like a child, but a friend. You don't see me as his body guard, but as something better...You even like me, which is really rare." He says as he smirks again and slowly begins to walk away.
Hunny then stands on the floor by himself looking triumphant and you lean down to his level and push him over as you say, "You had all that planned out, didn't you you little booger?" Hunny smiled bigger and then started running off to his house. You follow behind him, keeping a fast long stride, when something grabs you around the waist and drags you behind one of the many houses on the Haninozuka property.
You look up to see Mori looking down at you and he says, "I'm not good with explaining my feelings, and I realize rushing off like that didn't look very good. So, I wanted to give you a few things to remember me by..." He looked behind him to make sure no one was watching and then handed over a necklace that had, written in japanese, Takashi embelished on it.
You smile and take it from him, but he pulls it from your hand, turns you around and puts it on you himself. You blush deeply as he lifts up your hair to wrap the necklace around your neck. He then turns you back around and says, "and this" He slowly leans down, his eyes open staring at you, and pulls you up to softly kiss your lips. As your lips meet both of your eyes' close and you enjoy the serenity of that moment.
The next thing you knew, you were on top of him blushing deeply and you turn around to see Hunny and Chika have pushed you on top of him. You push yourself up and say, "I'm soo sorry Takashi..."
He smiles and said, "No need, that was wonderful..."


It's the next morning in school and you just now realize you are in the same classes as Hunny and Mori. Hunny sits right next to you in all your classes, and Mori sits right next to him. You begin wondering if everything that happened the night before was a dream, but then you touch the necklace and realize that it couldn't have been.
You look, pouting, at Hunny and hand him a note that says Did I do something to upset Takashi, or did he just realize he made a big mistake by kissing me? Or what? Is it me? You see Hunny smile and draw a bunny in the corner, so you shake your head. When you get the note back it's in a very impressive script for someone that looks the way he does, which says: He just isn't used to being close to someone who isn't me...We've been there for eachothersince I was born....We've been close, kind of like the twins, but not as weird. Just give him some time...
Mitsukuni Haninozuka

You smile at the way he wrote his name on there and look over at Mori. You bite the eraser end of your pencil and then begin a heart felt note for Mori.
I realize that I'm not as cute as Hunny, or as energetic, but I promise that if we were to start dating that I would be there for you and care for you just the way he does. I will be loyal to you, but I'd want your loyalty in return. You are like my sunshine, without you my skies would cloud. You are like my moon, without you my stars won't shine. You are my heart...without you I couldn't live.
Please my boyfriend
You pass it to Hunny and whisper, "Pass it to Takashi..."
Just as you finish you see the teacher walk up to you and say, "What is this Miss Fukinani?"
Your face goes pale as your cheeks pinken like a cherry, you throat goes dry and your eyes widen to the size of golf balls as you say, "Nothing sir" and see him take it off of Hunny's desk.
"Really, nothing, Hmm? So, you wouldn't mind this nothing being read to the class then?" The teacher asked, his eyes glinting devilishly.
You shake your head and say, "I would perfer you didn't..."
"Well, I'd perfer you didn't pass notes in my class..." The teacher remarked and then proceeded to open your letter.
Your breath catches and you dive under your desk hoping that Takashi doesn't hate you after this.
The teacher reads the letter to the class and the entire classroom looks over at Mori, all snickering and some with hearts in their eyes as they awaited his answer. The teacher then asked, "Well Takashi? What's your answer?"
Mori sat there, his face paleing, as he looks from your desk where you are waving a white flag, to the teacher and surrounding class. You finally sit up in your seat at the end of the teachers sentence and look over hopeful at Takashi. He then smirks and nods, "Yes...I'll be your boyfriend Justine Fukinani."
"Alright! Now, back to my class." The teacher said as he turned back to the chalk board.
Your face was flaming as you bit your lip and looked over at Mori. He was smiling, almost triumphantly, with a small blush across his cheeks. Certain girls were glaring over at you, others were giving you the thumbs up. More still were completely confused by the fact that you asked him out.
At the club that afternoon you told Haruhi the whole story and Tamaki picked you up and said, "I'm soo glad for you my princess! I knew you'd find someone you liked from here!" You turn to face him and kick him in the chest to make him let you go. He falls to the floor with a small tick tack toe board on his forehead (meaning he got hurt) and he begins bawling.
Haruhi smiled and said, "Good Job, wish I could do that...and I'm glad for you about your new relationship...I just hope he treats you right..."
With the way he treats Hunny, I'm sure I'll be fine...You think to yourself and then see Mori walk in the door at that moment. You smile brightly, run over, and pounce on him, making him fall over. "Sorry Takashi...I'm just soo happy today." You say, seated on his stomache.
He smiles, full blown-make you melt-smile, and says, "I'm glad your happy" Then pushes you over to where you are on the ground and kisses you passionately.
You blush deeply and say, "I didn't know you could be that forceful." He just smirks and goes back to his spot as a host for the 'Welcome' line up.
You let Kyoya know that you will be at Mori's table today and he nods and says, "I assumed and placed you as their first guest already..."
This is going to be a great school year You think to yourself.

You've been with Mori for a month, but nothing has really happened. You knew he cared about you, he made it obvious the first time you asked him out in front of the class, but he hasn't made a move on you since that day. You sigh and take your usual seat between Takashi and Mitsukuni. Mitsukuni comes in and takes the seat next to you, you can tell by his puppy dog look that something was wrong, so you decided to take it upon yourself to find out what it was, since Takashi wasn't there, "What's wrong Mitsukuni?"

He pouts and says, "Takashi won't be coming in today...he says he wasn't feeling well, but I know better! He was fine..." He begins sprouting tears again and you hug him.

"It's alright Mitsukuni. He's here everyday, maybe he just needed a break?" You were saying this more to convince yourself than to convince him.  You begin tearing up with him as you begin wondering why Takashi is gone.

Within seconds you get a text on your cell phone that says, Sorry I'm not in today. I was really nervous of seeing you today. The thing is...since it's Friday, I wanted to ask you out for the weekend, but I'm not good with verbal words, so I figured I'd write it to you. I was up all night writing different ways of saying 'Let's go out' but couldn't find anything that would be right to send to you, so I decided to stay home. I know it's been a while since we've done anything together, and I'm sorry...I'm just so nervous when it comes to you...I've been this close to any aside from Mitsukuni, and he's being female, and special to me, it's hard to do anything with you...but I want to try

You smile and show Hunny the phone and he smiles with you as he says, "That's great Teenie! I'm glad for the two of you!"

You could tell by his tone that he wasn't as happy as he said, so you asked, "What's wrong Hunny? Is it because we aer going to hang out more?"

Hunny shakes his head as he says, "No...I just care a lot about Takashi and I don't want him putting his life down the hole for some girl..." He then adds, "Not that you're just some girl...I'm just worried about him...he's family."

You hug Hunny and say, "I'm never going to risk him Hunny, I care about him too...I love him..." You blush as you realize you said that out loud, and then pull away from Hunny. You texted Mori back and said, I'd be glad to go out with you tonight Mori, just say the place and we'll meet there!

The school...just meet me here, after school...I'll be waiting outside the gate. He says in response, you smile thinking of him walking you home, and then shove your phone in your pocket as you just work and rush through the rest of the day. Hunny was distant for the rest of the day, except for in one class where he says to you, "This is the first day he's missed school since he's started in school. He's always been there every day, perfect attendence every year, until now..."

You frown, thinking that through, you were the first reason he's ever had to take off...that's not good...I'll need to talk to him about that  You think to yourself...there's no way you'll just let him take off like that. Sure, it's for you, but what about him, his perfect attendence....

You rush to the Ouran Host Club after school and explain to Haruhi what has happened to Mori. She frowns and say, "Well...I'm glad for you, but what about him..."
YOu hang your head and nod, agreeing with her, as you say, "I know...I'll talk to him about it, can you just let the club know...I'm going to meet up with Mori now..." She shrugs, and you know she means, 'Sure why not...but make sure to fix this problem' She used to give you that shrug all the time when you lived with her. You smile and nod as you rush out to meet Mori.

He looks gorgeous, his hair done up in it's usual spikes, dressed in a tight black t-shirt and black jeans. Your mouth is watering as you walk up to him. He gives his knock-you-down smile and you bite your lip. His eyes sparkle as he looks down at you and wraps his arms around you in a hug. You love this moment, but you knew you had to say something, so you pushed Mori up and said, "Mori...please don't do this again. I like going out with you, but I don't want you missing school like this. I took notes for you in every class today, but next time, please don't...I can't take notes all the time...I barely pay enough attention for me, let alone for the both of us."

He sighs and nods as he said, "I won't do this parents would kill me. Plus, now knowing you'll say won't be as nerve-racking."

You nod and ask, "So, where are we going?"

He just nods over to the direction of the park. YOu smile brightly as you grab his hand and look up at him. He's blushing lightly from the second you grabbed his hand. "Thank you." You whisper.  

After that he pulls his hand from yours and lays it across your shoulders as he says, "You don't need to thank your boyfriend for holding you."

You blush deeply after he says boyfriend and lean closer into his arm. You spend the rest of the night walking the park, until the stars come out. He then mumbles, "I should probably be getting home..."

Right as he says that the sky starts pouring down rain, so you say, over the rain, "Let's go to my house, it's right over there..." Of course you lived right next to him, but you knew he wouldn't care either way. Once you got inside your house you threw a few towels at him and began drying off yourself as you say, "Would you parent's mind if you stayed with me...I mean it's pouring down rain..." Trying to make it as sly as possible that you wanted him to stay the night with you, but your deep red blush gave you away.

He smiles and blushes lightly as he says, "I can ask..."

You smile brightly and wrap your arms around him as you say, "Thank you..."

He pats you lightly on the head as he pushes you off lightly and asks, "So where is your phone?"

You point him to the room and let him go talk with his parents. While he was out you decided to head to your room and change into some warm dry clothes. You pick out a really cute red top that fits just right, and shows off your curves, along with a black flowing skirt that shows off your classy side. You then go to your underwear drawer and begin thinking of naughty things that could possibly happen, so you decided to pick out cute underwear. You pick out a pair of matching black lacey underwear with a little red rose in the middle of the bra and the front of the underwear. You begin undressing and pulling on the underwear when you hear a gasp outside your door. Crap! I forgot to shut and lock the door!! You think, your face bright red, as you look up and see Mori standing outside the door, the phone on the floor. You hear, "Takashi Morinozuka! DID YOU DROP THIS PHONE!? TAKASHI!"

You pick up the phone and say, "Sorry, he collapsed from sudden exhaustion...he started feeling sick again whenever we were leaving the park. I think it was the rain...I was hoping to be able to take care of him...I'm a really good cook and I used to work as a nurse at one of my grandmother's hospitals, so I should be able to help..."

"We were trying to let him know that it was fine when he dropped the phone...please just make sure he goes to school Mon, we don't want him missing again..."

You nod, but then realize they can't see you, so you say, "Absolutely...I told him already that he has to go to school when we get back."

"Good, see that he does, and he will be able to stay over more often...I mean you do live right around the corner anyways. By the way, it's good to know he's found seem like a great girl..."

You smile at what they say and then say, "Thank you soo much for your son and for your time, good bye."

"Good bye!" You hear both the adults scream in unison. You giggle lightly to yourself and then realize the situation as you see Mori still staring at you with wide, but still very bright eyes, and a deep red blush. You look down and realize you are Just wearing the cute, black, lacey underwear you picked out.

You quickly run over to the bed and pull the rest of the outfit on as you ask, "Can we please pretend this didn't happen?" Tears begin pricking the corners of your eyes as you stare at him.

This snaps him out of his trance and he smiles brightly, and seductively, as he hugs you and says, "You can pretend it didn't happen, but I am glad it are beautiful Justine..." He kisses you passionately on the lips and says, "I've never felt this way about anyone...I...I think I love you Justine..."

You blush deeply and say, "I love you too..." You then lead him into the livingroom and say, "Let's watch some cute old timey movies and sleep together in here." He smiles and kisses you softly on the lips as he nods quietly.

You spend the rest of the night watching movies, eating popcorn, and cuddling. Right as you were about to fall asleep you remember It's only friday night...we have a whole weekend together! With that you fell asleep on his chest, with his arm around you, as you listened to his heart beat.





The next morning you woke up and found yourself lying on the couch alone. You think back to the night before and run your hand through your hair as all the memories of you and Mori came back into focus. Now, seeing yourself alone, you wonder what is happening. You yell, “Takashi!” Just to see if he can hear you, and at that second he runs around the corner, slips on your rug, and stares up at you with the tick-tack board on his forehead. You smile and look down at him, seeing he’s soaking you realized he must have been in your shower. You knew for a fact that you only had a shower in the upstairs bathroom, so you knew he had to have jumped from the upstairs to the ground floor and ran into this room. You smiled brightly and said, “I thought you left me…I felt so alone with you not being here.”

He smiles and rushes over to wrap his arms around you as he says, “I will never let you feel alone again.” He begins brushing your hair with his hand as he holds you close to him. You snuggle into his embrace, but then push him back as you realize you are getting soaked, and he is only in a towel.

You blush deeply and then ask, “Do you have any clothes with you, or do you need me to run over to your house…”

He stops you and says, “I ran out earlier this morning and grabbed my clothes, along with some breakfast for the two of us.” He led you into the kitchen and showed you the amazing towering pile of food. Your eyes sparkle and your mouth waters as you walk around your kitchen table now covered in morning delectable foods. You grab a plate and start piling on food as you watch him walk out of the room to somewhere else.

Once you finished piling your plate you went into the living room and began eating as you waited for him to join you. Within minutes he came in, dressed in a black t-shirt with white lines through it and black slacks. His hair was still slicked back after the shower, so he’s not fully dried off yet. He comes up to you slowly, trying to have an air of beauty and elegance. You giggle and he trips, so you start laughing more. He looks up at you like he’s trying to be angry, but then he smiles.

You run over and wrap your arms around him as you say, “I’m so glad you’re here with me Takashi…With my parents gone, I’ve always been alone, except when at school…”

“I’ll ask my parents if I can move in with you then…it’s not like they need me while I’m there…” He says smiling as he lifts himself and you up.

You playfully try to push away as you say, “What about Hunny? You and him have been so close…are you just going to leave him alone?”

He stops, looking out as if dazed and sorrowful as he says, “Mitsukuni has family…you’re all alone here.”

At that you actually do push yourself off and say, “So you’re just going to leave him?”

“You’re more important, and Mitsukuni can come over anytime he wants…” He says as he puts his arm around you, and you look at the floor sullenly. You really care about Mitsukuni, but you don’t want to be alone anymore.

You kiss Mori lightly on the lips as you say, “If this is what you want, then I am happy to have you with me…”

After a little more cuddling and a few more movies you are ready for bed. You walk off to bed and Mori says, “I’m going to call my parents…” You nodded and walked away as you heard him dialing the phone.


­­­­­­­­______________________________________Mori's POV____________________________________________

The phone finishes ringing and you hear a manly voice, “Oh, yes, dear how are you?”

“Dad it’s me…”

“Oh, so have you told her yet?”

“No…I’m too nervous…she said it’s alright to be moving in with her though…”

“So…you’re okay to say you want to move in with her, but not okay to say that she was engaged to you when you were little…”

“I’m sure she doesn’t remember…her parents didn’t know, because her grandparents died long before they could tell them…I don’t want to rush her into this…”

“But if she cares about you, and you her…why not rush it, especially since her family would be a great alliance with ours?”


“She actually has several very important cousins who are awaiting this transaction to do any business with us…”

“What kind of business are you doing anyway?”

“That’s none of your business…your job is to get the girl…that’s it…”

“But I like her…I don’t want to do that to her…I’ve never felt this way about anyone but Mitsukuni, and he was male…I don’t want to push her…”

“I understand son, but it’s for the best of the family…you can at least tell her.”

You sigh and say, “Alright…I’ll tell her…but if she flips out on me…it’s your entire fault.”

You hear a loud bang from in the bedroom, so you say, “I’ll call you back later…but it is good that I stay here right?”

“Yes…now go…”

You run to the bedroom where you left Justine and see her lying on the ground…stars floating above her head.


____________________________________Justine POV_____________________________________________

You overheard Takashi’s conversation with his parents, but you could only hear Takashi’s side of the argument. It didn’t sound very good, so you didn’t know how much you wanted to hear what Mori had to say. Once he came into the room and lifted you back onto the bed you began pushing him away and say, “What do you have to tell me?”

He smiles devilishly and says, “You were listening then?”

You nod sheepishly and say, “Yes…was I not supposed to?”

“Your house…do what you want.” He then climbed into the bed with you and snuggled up next to you as he says, “There’s a lot about us I didn’t even know about us until recently…” He then got even closer to you and pulled you up to where you are laying on his chest, but also laying between his legs, as he says, “I just found out we were engaged to be married when we were younger. It was your grandparents decision since you were the youngest of the family and were about the same age as me…and my parents were trying to marry me off at a young age like they were with my brother.”

A deep blush covers your cheeks as you look up into his sparkling eyes and say, “Really?”

“Yes, that’s it…we’re engaged…and my father wants us to go through with the marriage as quickly as possible…they say if need be they will pay for everything…”

“No no…” You say shaking your head and say, “No, I’ll pay for it…it’s not a big deal…the big deal is planning it…”

“My mother’s been dying to help, and I’m sure Haruhi and the rest of the host club would like to help too!”

You smile thinking about it, and as the close of another day happens, you smile and lay your head on his chest, falling deeply asleep.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NEXT MORNING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You wake up to Mori sitting on the phone saying, “Yes…she said yes…Mitsukuni…you will be my best man right?... Good…okay…so…you get the rest of the host club together…we’ll meet at her house at around noon…… Of course I already told my parents……yes…I think she’s happy about it…no she’s asleep…maybe later…I’m going out to get breakfast for the two of us again……of course I did it before…I’ve gotta go Mitsukuni…I’ll see you around noon.”

You then pretend to be asleep as you watch Mori roll over and face you in bed. His eyes were shining with happiness and light as he stared at you. You could truly see the love in his eyes…the love he wouldn’t show you while you were awake, but only asleep would he show you it’s true glory. You open your eyes wider, since you knew your blush would give you away. He gasped lightly to himself, not realizing he had woken you and says, “I’m so sorry if my conversation with Mitsukuni has woken you…” You smile and snuggle into his arms without saying a word. He hugs you tightly and then says, “I’ll go out and get breakfast in a few minutes.


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